Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Break Missions Trips Recap

The Parent Blog will be taking a hiatus for the Summer.  Check back in August for new blog entries!

The following is a guest blog by Brittany LaBonte from the Campus Ministries Office.

Spring Break 2012
“Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel…”
-Mark 16:15
Anchorage, AK
The Anchorage team worked with Send International and the Boys and Girls Club in inner City Anchorage. They spent time with children, helped with homework and held a Bible Club for them. They also partnered with Angie DeVries, a recent Northwestern graduate  working in Alaska long term, and her church. Erik Starr emphasized the interaction the team experienced with different people. “It was amazing to see some of the kids begin to understand and hear about who Jesus is and what He’s done for them,” Starr said. 

New Orleans, LA
The New Orleans team worked with Castle Rock Community Church and their ministry Urban Impact. The mission of the ministry is to “develop points of light” in a place that is still recovering after hurricane Katrina. The ministry is made up of homeowners who are committed to shining God’s light in the neighborhoods they live in. The students partnered with Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, and came alongside Urban Impact to help finish a building project and do whatever else was needed to further the work of the ministry.

Minneapolis, MN
The Minneapolis team worked with various ministries in the Twin Cities area including, Source Ministries, South Metro Vineyard Food Shelf and Breaking Free. The trip opened their eyes to the many people groups that God is bringing to the Twin Cities. There is a huge mission field here that so many people overlook. Leader Kathryn Kvansnica said, “We are called to serve right here in our own city.”

San Diego, CA
The San Diego team worked with an organization called World Impact and NWC alum, Curt Dokken. They primarily worked with inner-city kids putting on a Vacation Bible School, which was a way to share Jesus with the children in inner-city San Diego. They also helped the World Impact staff with various projects at their ministry sites.

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