Monday, January 30, 2012


I often have parents tell me that they are interested in what their students are doing at college but don't want to get to close or intrude on their experience.  I can relate with that thought.  When my son went off to college, I was excited to see him spread his wings and experience this new stage in life.  I didn't want to intrude on his fun or make him feel as if I was "spying" on him.  I over compensated!  I almost completely cut off connection with him.  As I look back, I regret not attending parent weekend or other events with my son and his friends. I want to encourage you to respond in a different way than I did.  I urge you to be engaged and involved.

Be engaged by regularly asking your student about their week.  Be specific.  Ask about classes, assignments, and struggles.  Ask about relationships and interactions with staff and faculty.

Be involved.  This can take many forms.  It may include visits to campus, hosting your student and their friends for a weekend, or attending college related functions.  In three short weeks, you will have an excellent opportunity to be involved.  Our second annual Northwestern College Family Weekend is set for February 17th-19th.  Family Weekend is an opportunity for your entire family to experience fun on campus.  You can catch a basketball game, go to the Spring Musical, play broom ball on the lake, or simply enjoy a hike in the snow.  Most of all, you will be able to spend time with your student and their friends while enjoying the great Minnesota outdoors.  All of the details for registering for this event are located at  Please consider joining us.  I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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